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 Backup ok s box 200 200 2014.08 Use the Backup ok-s utility to sync your files and folders to local backup media, such as internal or external USB hard drives, USB sticks, SD cards or network hard drives. Manual or automatic scheduled data backup is possible. There are only a few steps needed to set up a backup.

 Product details

  • Full backup, backup of new or changed files, or backup of multiple backup instances - daily backups
  • Fully automatic backup by default, daily or weekly backup
  • start the backup manually
  • Backups can be saved


Important functions:

Selection of files and folders.

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Selection of the backup storage media. external hard drives, SD cards, USB sticks, network folders, ...

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Start backup ... Start automatic backup on weekday, time, ...
Copy all or only new files.
Daily backup or update the backup. Insert date in folder name.

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 History file

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  • Is a backup started when the computer is started after the backup time?

The data will be backed up automatically at a later date if no backup has been done yet.


  • How big can the backup be?

The amount of data is only limited by the storage size of the backup drive.


  • Is a log file created?

You can see in the log file when and how many files were backed up.


  • Are all files always backed up?

All files are backed up, even the hidden files.


  • Is the program for Windows 10?

The program runs fully under Windows 10.


  • Where are the files best backed up?

Use an external hard drive and let the backup start automatically once a day. All newer files are backed up automatically.




Backup of files and folders

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This trial version can be used without any time limit. Freeware up to 20,000 files per backup.


You can install the software for free and test it extensively. If you like, simply convert the trial version into a full version. Price for a single user license 19.95 EUR incl. VAT To the shop