Homepage Password box 200 200 2014.08Create a secure password protection for your homepage.

With the Homepage Password program, you create password protection that works independently of the homepage and the browser.

The program creates an .htaccess and .htpasswd file. Copy these two files into a directory in the homepage and the browser will ask for a password.

Htaccess files are server configuration files for directories. Htaccess files always apply to the directory in which they are stored, as well as to all subdirectories thereof and their subdirectories. If you want different rules in one of the subdirectories, you will have to save an htaccess file there in turn. The details of each current file overwrite the details of htaccess files from the directories above.

 The password protection consists of the two files:

.htaccess - This file sets the access protection for the directory in which it is located and everything under it.
.htpasswd - This file contains the usernames with the corresponding passwords. All usernames are stored in the htpasswd file with the passwords. The passwords are not stored as text, but rather are encrypted.

 For example: [user1:$1$yY1o2ryg$dCncDtwwaaA81xnVSYbjl.]


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Homepage Password

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